Dr. John Brazier (TCM) MSc

(the founder of KORE Therapy & NMS Performance systems) is an expert of functional neurologic medicine and its effects on your organs, muscle power, emotions and illness’s, an honouree Doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine, an Oriental medicine practitioner (Thai & Japanese) and a specialist in Western Musculo-Skeletal systems. For the last 30 years he has studied with masters all over the world, and believes ‘real’ successful holistic medicine is based on being able to quickly diagnose & instantly prove and treat neurologic faults that are the root to poor recovery and performance.

His outstanding therapy success around the world with chronic conditions, pain and his wealth of clinical, athletic and corporate experience has placed him firmly as one of the worlds leading health practitioners & trainers, recognised award winning training provider, event speaker & well-being advisor.

John has worked with Premiership, Bundesliga & international football teams, European golf tours, and a variety of different professional athletes, Royalty, and corporate organisations.

Dr. med. Sabine Spieker 

I studied medicine at university in Cologne /Germany from 1986 – 1992. As I used to be a professional middle and long distance runner for a famous sports club, I got the chance to do a doctor´s degree in sports medicine at the sports university in Cologne. After my study I started to specialize in general medicine to become a GP, which took 4 more years. For that I moved from Cologne to the Black Forest, where I still live. I also worked in a rehab hospital for orthopaedic diseases, in a clinic for internal medicine and in a surgical clinic.
From 2001-2004 I worked as partner in a general medical practice before I opened my own clinic.
In addition to usual school medicine I have special qualifications in naturopathic treatment, sports medicine, chiropractic medicine and acupuncture.

Why does KORE® therapy fascinate me?

For me KORE® means a summary or combination of all treatments I have heard about and experienced during my studies into medicine & treatment. It is always fascinating how with KORE® I can quickly diagnose where the root of the symptoms and where the problems are located and whether they have existed for years. And to see how grateful patients are after their successful treatment is always a great bonus!
This leads me back from the often-hectic work of a GP to the reason why I originally wanted to become a doctor…to help & heal people. And this is a great pleasure for me!

What my customers say about me

With KORE therapy I have experienced a simple and very effective treatment, which expands and enriches my spectrum of different treatments. Muscle testing, followed by treatment and retesting makes patients aware of success of this therapy immediately. Sustainability also is given. So I am very successful especially in treating pelvis instability, which doesn´t occur any more after therapy. By this suffering and pain can be reduced impressively.

All in all KORE therapy is a wonderful addition to treatments I already have learnt and it´s fun working with this.

20 European tour wins, 3 LPGA tour wins, 8 times Solheim cup team member and winner

After 10 injections of cortisone in both elbows because of tendinitis I felt my golf career was over. Then I met Dr. John Brazier and experienced his fascinating KORE Therapy. In a nutshell it is combination of muscle testing diagnostics and treatment which I had never experienced with all the other forms of therapy that I had tried.

After 6 treatments I can honestly say the pain had disappeared completely!

KORE is a truly fascinatimg system that works, I would highly recommend it to all sports people or just anyone who suffers with pain.

In december 2019 I enjoyed my first K.O.R.E.® treatment by Dr. John Brazier. Before I have never heard about this kind of therapy and I was very excited if it could help me. For more than 2 years I have been suffering of pain in my lumbar spine and pelvis. This pain led to a restriction in my daily life and was a big psychological load.

During my first treatment I was surprised by the efficieny of this soft technique. I could feel how blockages were solved and pain reduced impressively. Muscles tests at the beginning and in the end of the treatment let my body recognize the positive effect immediately. This gave me hope to a pain free life.

Since that time I have been getting K.O.R.E.® treatments twice a week by Anke Wieland, my physiotherapist. By this I can enjoy longer pain free periods and I have gained a new postive attitude of life. After 6 weeks of treatments I felt so good that I could reduce frequency to once a week.

I`m very grateful and want to say thank you to Dr. John Brazier, Dr. Sabine Spieker, Dr. Alfred Spieker and Anke Wieland.

After a bad accident with poor recovery I`ve got different therapies by Dres. Alfred und Sabine Spieker.

It was them, who introduced me into K.O.R.E.® therapy. So in december 2019 Dr. John Brazier treated me with his special K.O.R.E.® system the first time. I was very impressed by this extraordinary way of treatment. In comparison to all other physiotheapeutical therapies I felt a big difference by the soft movements John worked with. For me this very focused applied softness is the characteristic for K.O.R.E.®. All in all it feels like a wellness treatment. But what is most important to me and makes me really happy is that I can feel a sustainable improvement.

Dr. Sabine Spieker has been going on with K.O.R.E.® treatments on me, what I´m very grateful for.

I´m convinced of this fantastic concept and I´m happy with John and Sabine founding K.O.R.E.® academy europe. By this, more therapists will get the chance to be educated in this therapy and help more patients.

K.O.R.E.® academy europe


Already in early life it was a desire for me to help and support people. And why shouldn‘t do it in a job? So in 1994 I started with my education for physiotherapy at the VPT Akademie in Fellbach-Schmiden. After my examen in 1997 I gained my first experiences in a practice in Stuttgart, in order to lay the cornerstone in a rehab hospital.

Between 2000-2008 I worked in a practice in Bülach/Switzerland. Really great years, in which I learnt much. After coming back to Germany I worked in different practices and in 2015 I started my work at CeOS Physiotherapie in Achern. Till nowadays I´m keen on more professional education ( manual therapy, sport physiotherapy, neuronal training, Muscle Balance, lymphatic drainage, Kinesiotaping, CMD, etc.) and I‘m still not tired to learn more different methods.

Why am I so fascinated by K.O.R.E.® Therapy?

It‘s the simplicity how you can treat with this therapy. I can offer my patients – especially those who are a really difficult case – a treatment, which will reduce his pain and suffer so much. K.O.R.E.® unifies different kinds of therapies and constitutes something special. And it`s also kind of treatment which can be used for all kinds of different cases of disorders.

I‘m really happy with K.O.R.E.®.

My name is Ellen Janssen, I am 34 years old, married and mother of two children (8 and 6 years old).
From 2002 to 2004 I completed my first apprenticeship in therapist massage in Heidelberg/ Germany. Based on this training, I passed my exam as a physiotherapist in Neustadt a. d. Weinstraße/ Germany. Afterwards I worked in various disciplines and taught as a lecturer at the physiotherapy school.
Since I have been more and more enthusiastic in cycling and working in my profession, I started to combine work and sports. In the season of cycling preparation I used the opportunity to support World Cup athletes and teams therapeutically and to work on my personal performance level.
In 2011 I had to finish my career as a cyclist and was allowed to fulfill my job as a mother. In the following years I`m still keen on sports as a trainer (rehabilitation sport, running groups), group fitness trainer and personal trainer. Personally, I still practice cycling, running and triathlon.

What fascinates me about K.O.R.E.® Therapy?

I am fascinated of the holistic view of K.O.R.E.®. Not only symptoms are treated in this way, but the aim is to find the rootcause. So the body is able to find its way back to its center through gentle treatment grips. The knowledge of different methods come together and inspire every patient.

After my German school education I decided to go for Physiotherapy education at Physiotherapy school Ortenau nearby to Kehl/Straßburg. At this time I had the opportunity to start a dual study in cooperation with Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg in Lörrach. Through this I collaborate with Vitalhaus in Achern, which is my dual partner until I will get my bachelor degree in 2021.
In case I am not working or at school, I am playing handball at TS Ottersweier or sweating in the gym.

For me K.O.R.E.® is a therapy with an amazing potential! By doing simple muscle tests both the therapist gets a clear diagnosis in less time and patients recognise and feel where unexpected problems in their body are and how fast you can fix them. K.O.R.E.® is unique by combines the best from multiply therapies from both Eastern and Western medicine to create a successful holistic system.